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Built to Adapt

Revamp's core lies in the ideology of Empowering the Society by providing sustainable and adaptive solutions to them. Our journey is defined by the living philosophy of 'Driven by Purpose, Fueled by Innovation' which truly reflects our deep commitment to empowerment, purposeful action, and a continuous quest for innovative solutions. This mantra serves as both our compass and inspiration, guiding us towards ongoing success and transformative strides.


Empowering the Society by Providing Sustainable and Adaptive Solutions


Impacting 1 Million lives by 2028

Our products include Electric Vehicles with Attachments & Accessories

We provide Micro-financing options that includes Initial Money to start business

We are the B2B network connecting platform that can provide job opportunities

Our services involve providing Mentorship & Assistance for becoming a Micro-entrepreneur

“Big transformations often begin with small steps”

“Where Dynamic Innovation Meets Fearless Entrepreneurship”

Revamp Moto is the brainchild of three dynamic visionaries: Pritesh Mahajan (The Enabler), Jayesh Tope (The Hustler), and Pushkaraj Salunke (The Hacker). Pritesh, an IIM Sambalpur alumnus, leverages his 3-year stint as a Project Manager at SBI. Jayesh, armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, contributes insights gained from his work on the Mahindra Thar project. Pushkaraj, a seasoned professional in robotics and IoT, showcases his ingenuity through the creation of his own Humanoid.

United by a shared vision, these entrepreneurs aim to be catalysts in the empowerment journey of those at the bottom of the pyramid, transforming them into aspirers. After exploring various avenues, the team pivoted in May 2020 to the Modular Multi-Utility segment. This strategic move directly addresses the needs and challenges faced by communities striving to become micro-entrepreneurs. With each founder bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, Revamp Moto embarks on its entrepreneurial journey with a singular mission: to empower and uplift individuals at the grassroots level.

Pritesh MahajanThe Enabler

The visionary, himself being a bike rider leads Revamp Moto with an unwavering commitment to providing sustainable and adaptive solutions. His strategic acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory and brand image, in the EV industry.


Jayesh TopeThe Hustler

The proficient, steers Revamp Moto's financial and human capital management endeavors with a focus on work culture and growth. His deep understanding of business processes and market dynamics has been crucial in ensuring the company's financial stability and expansion.


Pushkaraj SalunkeThe Hacker

The astute, oversees the technological and operational aspects of Revamp Moto. His technical prowess and resolute focus on innovative breakthroughs have been the driving forces behind the company's groundbreaking solutions and offerings.


Together, these three exceptional individuals form the cornerstone of Revamp Moto, guiding the company with their shared values of agility, honesty, empathy, accountability, and diversity. Their strategic focal points of sustainable growth, discipline, innovation, data-centricity, and consumer-centricity serve as the guiding principles that shape the company’s culture and drive its success.

Under their leadership, Revamp Moto has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the electric vehicle industry, carving a niche for itself with its scalable, modular, and adaptable solutions. The company’s ESG focus and unique product segment further highlight its commitment to sustainability and its dedication to addressing the challenges of urban mobility.


Sustainable Growth, Discipline, Innovation-driven, Data-centric, Consumer-centric


Agility, Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Diversity


Scalability, Modularity, Adaptability, ESG Focused, Unique Product Segment

“Built on a strong Leadership: Our Foundations of Success”


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