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Product name – Hotkeep

Item weight – 5 kg

Dimension – 420x420x360 mm

Color – Navy blue

Material Type – Canvas fabric with insulation(EPE FOAM)

Water Resistance – Waterproof
Temperature Control – Yes, HOT
Temperature Range-  70°-90° C
Customizable Temperature –  Yes
Data Tracking (IOT) – Yes
Battery Powered –  Yes , Li-ion
Volumetric Capacity – 40 L
Manual/Automatic – Semi Automatic, electrical

Country of origin – India

Compatibility: Only Compatible with Revamp Bikes

Description & Use case: Hotkeep is Revamp’s one-of-the-star product and one-of-a-kind electrical attachment which runs on its own battery. It is a specialized solution designed to help users preserve the warmth of their food, maintaining temperatures between 70-90 degrees Celsius during transportation. This system ensures that the food remains fresh along with maintaining moisture from one location to another, eliminating heat loss throughout the journey. Hotkeep goes a step further by offering customers the flexibility to customize and set the desired temperature. This feature not only enhances customer satisfaction by delivering food at the optimal temperature but also improves operational efficiency by preventing the need for reheating, thus saving time and energy. Ex. Pizza and hot food items Companies like Domino’s, Zomato, and Swiggy along with cloud kitchen brands, Rebel Foods, etc, can have a hot storage unit, for hot food & beverage delivery, and hot food delivery in colder regions is also possible with Hotkeep even where temperature is below zero degrees.

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