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Saddle Bags



Product name – Saddle bags

Inclusions: Saddle Bags and Saddle Stay

Item weight – 4 kg

Dimension – 320x290x250 mm

Color – Black

Volume – 40 lit ( 20 lit each bag)

Material Type – Canvas fabric

Water Resistance – Waterproof

Country of origin – India

Compatibility: Only Compatible with Revamp Bikes

Description & Use case: Saddle bags offer ample storage space on both sides of the vehcile (20 litres each side), making them ideal for transporting a wide range of home & business utility items, from groceries to tools. In order to place Saddle Bags, one must first place the saddle stay on the base rack. Saddle Bags are designed with durable, water-resistant materials that protect against weather elements, ensuring the safety of the items inside. Ex. Household grocery carrying, postman, FMCG Delivery and other purposes, plumber, electrician, Salon services, mechanics, electrician etc.

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